Thursday, January 8, 2009

People of the past

I read an email about know, one of those mass emails that tries to make you feel guilty if you don't send to ten other people. I usually read them, out of curiosity, but I don't ever forward them. This particular email talked about life, have no regrets, happiness is a lifetime pursuit, don't oversleep if you want your dreams to come true, be kinder to everyone, and many more comments intended to be inspirational and thought provoking. I won't say that I didn't feel inspired by some, but there was one comment that I found troubling and did not agree with. It said, ", don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future."

I began to think about the many people of my past that I have not heard from in many years. They meant a lot to me, we had a lot of fun together, and they helped me become the person I am today...which, and I hope others would agree, is a descent person trying to do what is right. I owe that to many people from my past, who, unfortunately have not been in my present. Thanks to Facebook, however, I have been able to connect to a couple really good friends from high school. We have not spoken since our first year of college, so it is so wonderful to hear from them again. I went through some old pictures I had and found some of these same friends...I hope you enjoy them (these pictures are long before digital and have been scanned in...can't guarantee the quality and don't laugh at the clothes and hair, it was some time ago).

Sara and her brother Raymond. I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with Sara over the last 15+ years…although we do not see each other nearly enough. Don’t be mad about the picture Sara…I had quite a few…I could have posted them all!

Kami, Kaidree, Kim and me in high school. I haven’t seen Kim in over 15 years, but she was a good friend at the time and I have many good memories. I just got in touch with Kami and Kaidree on Facebook. It has been so long, but it is so good to hear from them again. Can’t wait to spend more time together in the future…

Lisa, Allison & me after we met at Ricks. I have great memories of them…and although thousands of miles and a very large ocean separate us, I will never forget.

A group of friends my first summer at BYU…we have all grown up, gotten married, had children, so on and so forth, but the time we had was a blast!

So, despite what the mass email creators may say...don't forget about the people of your past. They were there for a reason and although they may not be in your present or future, they will always leave a bit of themselves with you. Of course, I have forgotten all the hard times...I just remember the good ones, so thanks for the good times ladies and gents. I will never forget!